Patna University Efforts to resume the Directorate of Distance Education

Image result for Patna University Efforts to resume the Directorate of Distance EducationEfforts have been taken to re-recognize the Directorate of Distance Education of Patna University (DDE). On Saturday, the meeting of the Academic Council took place, in which several important decisions were taken regarding DDE. All these decisions were made under the UGC Guideline.

According to the decision, the retired local faculty will be restored in DDE headquarters. DDE does not have any of its faculty right now. Its study center will also be developed. DDE has two centers in Patna College and Study Center in Magadha Mahila College. They will be even better It is possible to open the centers too. The Council has approved the DDP’s 20 Course Programme Project Report (PPR). The course remains in PPR. The DDE’s nomination and examination calendar also got the consent. Now all this will be sent to the UGC so that the DDE of Patna University can be re-recognized. Right now its approval is postponed.

It is also considered to start foreign language courses in the meeting. Council also approved the list of scientific experts. A list of experts from the Deans of Science was sought so that they can be used in various works. The list of Refereed Journal has also been approved in the meeting. The amendment was also approved in the Statute of Patna University Students Union. The law did not mention the age of the students of M.D. to contest elections. It was decided in the meeting that the University’s examination manual will be published.