AIFF grants Indian Super League “top league” status

Image result for AIFF grants Indian Super League "top league" statusAfter a long standing tussle between the I-League clubs and the AIFF, the apex body in consultation with the AFC general secretary Windsor John has given the ISL the “top league” status as per the reports of Times of India. Simultaneously, the AFC Champions League qualifying spot will now be awarded to the ISL winners. However, there is still not much clarity about the AFC Cup Cup slot.

“The AIFF executive committee has given ISL the top slot and normally AFC goes by what the member association recommends. What we are trying to figure out is the second slot (for I-League),” said AIFF general secretary Kushal Das, reported Times of India.

The top officials also assured that they are working on the matter and will lock down on a decision early next month. Previously, ISL winners were given the AFC Cup qualifying slot while the AFC Champions League was reserved for the I-League winners.

Dato Windsor had come to meet Patel for various reasons and Indian football was also discussed. “They are reviewing India’s continental slots and in a few days, hopefully, they will come up with their recommendations,” added Das.